We are specialized in the transport of dangerous merchandise and dangerous remainders, we are convinced that serving that the national and international markets solicit, it is necessary that the idea of integrated management is present in all the activities and decisions of the organization and who all the personnel assumes his responsability quality for its own work.

The quality is not only to offer a competitive service, satisfies the requirements with the client and is profitable. The protection of the nature and the prevention of risks in the matter of Health and Labor Security, are very important so that we pruned to speak of quality in the service.

MARIÑO direction assumes the protection of the nature and the prevention of risks in the matter of Health and Labor Security like one of its main responsibilities. It implies a clear commitment of fulfillment of the legislation and other requirements referred to quality, nature and security.

The commitment of our system of management directs our efforts for the following objectives in quality, nature and security:

  • We understand the legal requirements like a set of minimums to fulfill and within our possibilities, we aspired to a continuous improvement in the three scopes, specially in the environmental protection, the prevention of contamination, the attention to the client and the conditions of security in our work. We commit ourselves to make a use rational of the raw materials and the natural resources: energy, water...
  • We will try to reduce the production of remainders, doing special emphasis in dangerous, reusing and recycle whenever technical, economic and environmentally if it is possible.

All the system is reviewed periodically, and weak points are detected and it is possible to had the necessary actions, documenting the made advances. Our policy will communicate to all the personnel and all those implied and affected by our activity, being disposition of the public in general.



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